With a dedicated Restoration WorkShop we, at WinSpeed, are able to undertake any degree of Restoration covering full-blown bare shell rebuilds to complex localised fabrication and restructuring.
Specialising particularly in E-Type restoration, our knowledge and ability is born of long experience.

Careful analysis, prior to commencement, and working closely with the client, results in a planned approach to retain as much originality as possible.

High quality fabrication and welding, together with the careful use of new panels where necessary and attention to detail all combine to ensure quality WinSpeed Jaguar restorations. Paintwork and retrimming are undertaken by two selected specialists with whom we have been working for some 20 years.

Careful reassembly during the final build process is combined with our WinSpeed Engineering prowess, relating to our Engines, Transmissions and Suspension components.

A WinSpeed Jaguar restoration is not just what you can see! It is also the expertise of our staff hidden within the heart of the very car itself………..


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