Classic Jaguar Sports Upgrades

Knowing the market as we do, we are able to offer advice on Upgrades which lend themselves well to enhancing the appeal and sporting nature of these great cars.

We offer many custom solutions specifically designed and manufactured for WinSpeed, guaranteed to enhance your driving experience; consult with us and we can provide the answers. We have selected certain upgraded components or systems for their known quality and suitability. Examples are:

  • Electronic ignition
  • Uprated calipers
  • 5-Speed Gearbox conversions
  • Sports exhaust systems
  • Suspension upgrades

Classic Jaguar XK Engine Rebuilds and Development

WinSpeed (WSM) has a reputation for building high Quality XK Jaguar engines in different stages of tune: Standard, Fast Road or Full Race – 3.4; 3.8 or 4.2 Litre. Each customer will have a different requirement.

The heart of performance lies in the cylinder head: Machining, Porting, Quality of Components and meticulous Assembly. All our engines, whether Standard Road, High Performance, or Full Race receive the same attention to Cleanliness and Build undertaken in our dedicated Engine Shop.

Chris Window’s involvement with XK engines, both for Road and Track, began in 1992. Our knowledge and experience is, therefore, second to none.

SU Carburettor Tuning and Rebuild Specialists

The Jaguar XK engine is, of course, synonymous with the venerable and highly efficient SU Carburettor. They were the standard production carburettor favoured by Jaguar from 1948 to the late 1970s (apart from a brief and unhappy flirtation with Stromberg).

The Jaguar E-Type – in both 3.8 and 4.2 Litre forms – is forever associated with its impressive line-up of no less than Three SU Carburettors, visually stunning and delivering outstanding performance. SUs are wonderful for both Road and Track. Intimate knowledge is needed however to extract the greatest benefit.

WinSpeed has in-depth knowledge of the SU carburettor whether it is total rebuild or fine tuning and are very much SU Specialists for Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex and the South East. So frequently we receive cars that are running like dogs only to transform them with a rebuild and some deft needle-work! (the LHD car depicted belongs to one of our Swiss customers for whom we undertook a total engine rebuild and Alternator upgrade).

Weber Carburettor Tuning and Rebuild Specialists

Weber Carburettors, however, were Jaguar`s choice for the 1953 Le Mans Team C-Types; the later D-Types and the Lightweight E-Types. Webers have also been the choice of privateers on both the race track and the open road. They possess a certain mystique.

WinSpeed prides itself in understanding the `Black Art` of tuning Weber Carburettors and are very much Weber Specialists for Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex and the South East. So frequently misunderstood, it takes years of experience to master the `gut instinct` required to make Weber Carburettors really perform, to ensure that wonderful progressive delivery of power (accompanied by their distinctive induction `roar`!)

Classic Jaguar Sports Upgrades
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