Classic Jaguar Engineering

Our workshops are fully equipped, allowing everything from minor service work to complex restoration. The knowledge and experience at WinSpeed enables tricky problems – some of which have always been present in certain models – to be finally rectified with sound experience and engineering modifications.

Upgrades to all Jaguars – brakes, suspension, exhaust systems, gearboxes and engines in varying stages of tune are absolutely our speciality. Speak to Chris Window, Peter Hugo or Chris Hill on the subject and you will receive sound advice.


Engine Building is one of our great strengths at WinSpeed, with our WSM Engines achieving a solid reputation for quality and performance both on road and track. For this purpose we have a dedicated engine building shop to ensure cleanliness and good organisation.

Every engine is stripped forensically to ascertain the root cause of the problem – very often due to poor rebuilds in the past, the use of poor quality (or even used) components and inept assembly.

We choose well researched, high quality, components. We use high quality machining and our assembly is based upon precision. With so many sub-standard components being freely available on the market, we commission certain components to be made to our own design and specification.

WinSpeed (WSM) Performance cylinder heads for the classic XK engine are available in different stages of tune, from standard, through fast road to full race. Superbly machined, ported and assembled a WinSpeed head brings the XK engine alive!

Attention is given, finally, to presentation thereby ensuring that the powerful Jaguar XK heart matches the quality of the car and the expectation of the owner.

We know what to do and how to do it. Whether it’s mechanical, structural, paintwork or trim we have the resources at hand to ensure that any defect can be correctly analysed and remedied returning the car to its correct state.

Subtle (and not so subtle!) upgrades can be introduced to give you the car that you want – a car to enjoy for the 21st Century and beyond.

Porting and Big Valve Head
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