V12 Engined Jaguars: XJ Saloons, XJS and E-Type – Success at WinSpeed!

The V12 engine – iconically associated with Jaguar above all other manufacturers (other than Ferrari!) – is both Glorious and………Problematic! It can provide both a `Magic Carpet Ride` and total disappointment! The exponential enjoyment for which it was designed to provide can be quickly dismissed by total disenchantment!

At WinSpeed we pride ourselves in the the knowledge that we know the V12 faults and foibles and we  understand and cure their inherent day-to-day problems. We are happy and confident to undertake the more complex issues that they might present.

Many a customer has visited us with an an air of total dismay toward the car of their choice (and dreams!) only to leave with a smile on their face. The problems are often caused by inept previous maintenance, total lack of engineering knowledge and resolved by experience, knowledge and `gut instinct`.

At WinSpeed we possess that knowledge, ability and skill.

So: whether it`s a fouled plug (very common), balancing the (four) Solex carburettors, identifying `stupid mistakes`, tackling the ignition system and solving the problem, WinSpeed can deliver….try us and `live the dream`!





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