The WinSpeed E-Type Construction Begins!

It was way back in 2011 that we imported from USA (Colorado to be precise) a 1962 E-Type Coupe. The brief to our US scout was simple: The car had to have a valid identity, be rolling and with an exceptional body shell. Nothing else mattered. What arrived was exactly that! Having had its Chevvy V8 removed prior to shipment and possessing some minor `Redneck` “modifications”, we received a beautifully straight vehicle with the most oustandingly rust-free body shell and doors. It even possessed its early, rare, steering wheel (with exposed rim) . Our Scout had turned up trumps!!



To-day, in 2016, we have started the process of creating The WinSpeed E-Type – nothing too radical, but a car to reflect what WinSpeed can do to make an E-Type dynamically exhilarating, aesthetically pleasing and a showcase for our abilities.

Over the course of the next few months we will be posting our progress with this creation, so follow us here on line – or even just pay us a visit.

Let the fun begin!

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WinSpeed Motorsport

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