The Classic Car Market To-day – Quality & Sense Prevails

Discernment is the Key Word in to-day`s Classic Car Market.  Rarity, Provenance, Useability …. and Excellence are the major factors separating the Wheat from the Chaff. The dramatic rise in Classic Car values over the past ten years has seen not so much a fall in values to-day, but more: an increased awareness of good and bad cars; what to buy and what to avoid.

Ten years ago many people ran headlong into a `must buy`, `must invest`, situation. And, to satisfy that demand, the market became awash with stock and dealers ……. of the wrong sort….and numerous auction houses selling an awful lot of rubbish to an unwitting public.

For the past ten years we at WinSpeed have, happily, been engaged in ensuring that our customers` cars are well and properly maintained, attending to all defects such as there may be and, we hope, contributing to their enjoyment of Ownership and Useability. Knowledgeable Maintenance, Engineering, Advice and Restoration are the corner-stones of our business.

To-day the profile of Classic Car ownership has changed. The market is awash with sub-standard stock, and values – for those items have fallen. The buyer, to-day, looks not so much at the `glitz`, but more at the substance. Correctness of restoration (and/or originality) and maintenance and a pleasing history file is ever-more required. Those cars that tick those boxes are the ones that have maintained their values and saleability.

There is no doubt that the market has contracted. Not through lack of desire, but certainly through prevailing uncertainties and International crises. Like Hermit Crabs, we retreat into our shells and observe from afar, emerging when the waters settle a bit. The buyers are still there, observing the market. At WinSpeed we have seen, this year, glimmers of increased retail interest. We are happy in the knowledge that our stock is solid and we can sell it with great confidence.

Maintenance and Restoration, however, is buoyant! WinSpeed is designed to run on its Engineering prowess rather than Sales and our order book is strong. Customers` are using and enjoying their cars and, increasingly, taking advantage of the life-style infrastructure that enables them to do so.

We are here in Guildford – ready and willing to give you good, solid, service with no frills and born of almost unrivalled experience and expertise.

We don`t spend a fortune promoting ourselves…..we`d prefer to enjoy quiet, organic, growth based upon the recommendations of our discerning clientele.




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