NEW!!!!! V12 E-Type Sports Exhaust System – Sounds Wonderful & brings the engine ALIVE!

At long last we, at WinSpeed of Guildford, are delighted to be able to offer a Sports Exhaust System for V12 Series Three E-Types that REALLY WORKS!

After analysing why the V12 E-Type can be so incredibly UNDERwhelming (and so many of them are)  our new stainless steel Sports Exhaust system brings the engine alive –  not only breathing properly, but providing a performance increase AND …..the most wonderful SOUND.

With a subtle sophistication the WinSpeed V12 E-Type Sports Exhaust system provides, for the first time, an exhaust note and resonance that tells the listener that this IS…….. a V-12 Sports Car. FERRARI immediately springs to mind.

WSMV12 1 WSMV12 2 WSMV12 3 WSMV12 4






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