Feast or Famine……is this how Brexit will be ???

The Classic Car industry in the UK is ALIVE & VERY WELL……indeed!!! And Jaguars are to the fore!

A Discretionary Activity it may be, but for those who own E-Types and XKs,  they want to know that that the work undertaken is to a certain standard to complement their `investment`and enhance their expectations and enjoyment. At WinSpeed we have enjoyed constant and steady growth in the area of maintenance and development. This has resulted in strengthening our core business activity to our great satisfaction.

BUT , after nine months of uncertainty: Grexit, Brexit, falling Stg, Political uncertainty and the  inability to plan has had a knock on effect into the retail market.

Just as suddenly however, since the Autmn of 2016, we have seen a resurgence of interest in the retail sector with some staggering prices being achieved for the right cars: E-Types and XKs. Unlike so many such businesses we do not deal in `opportunism`. We prefer to sell fewer cars, but of the right quality.

The future – for the moment – looks bright indeed!



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