Now the car `flies`!!

It was disappointing for Historic Racer and Rallyist, Simon Tate, when he decided to put his recently purchased Appendix K 3.8 E-Type Track Car through its paces on a Goodwood Track Day last year.

“It just feels flat,” he said to WinSpeed`s Chris (Window) a few weeks later. So Chris road-tested it and returned with his confirmation that the car was performing substantially below expectations. It was uninspiring.

“Take Peter`s S1 4.2 (Stage 2-tuned) E-Type Coupe out,”  Chris said, ” and see where HIS power comes in. I can do the same for you!”  Simon did….and was impressed.

Chris knew instinctively where he had to look to extract the extra power and, with the head removed, his suspicions were confirmed. After analysis, remachining and precise measurement and reassembly, Chris knew that his hunch was working.  Final precise reassembly, with some more refined camshaft timing, would do the trick.

With the engine reassembled,the car fired first time and instantly sounded crisper, but without any camminess. Power Delivery at the right revs and Tractability elsewhere is one of Chris` benchmarks in producing a good, strong, powerful and enjoyable engine. He knew he had won!

Once on the road and off to the Dyno, Chris had his thoughts confirmed further: this car was driving as it SHOULD.

Prior to WinSpeed`s attention, the car was dyno`ed at 235bhp @ 4,900 rpm – with power falling off dramatically thereafter.

The NEW figures showed in excess of 258 bhp @ 5,250 rpm …. and still pulling through to 6,000! At 5,800 rpm it is making 42 bhp more than before.
Furthermore: at 1,900 rpm it WAS making 170 ft/lb torque – it is now making no less than 245!!!

The 72nd Goodwood Members Meeting on March 29/30 will be the Acid Test…………….

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