3.8 Litre E-Type Race Engine……..Up-Date

Friday 21st February, at a private Goodwood Track Day, saw Simon Tate and his co-driver Stuart Lawson, testing their E-Type for the first time since its enhancement by WinSpeed.

Their  reactions said it all. Both of them, being very proficient and experienced drivers, expressed their delight that the car now had seamless performance, all coming in at the right times, combined with far greater Torque and no dropping-off past 5,500 rpm. It WAS a different animal.

It sounded crisper too, with a ring to the exhaust note that is a hallmark of a well-tuned, full-chat, XK engine.

A subtle modification to the braking system – another WinSpeed `trick` – resulted in confident and efficient later braking.

More Power and Improved Braking equals Quicker Laptimes; and THAT is what it`s all about is it not?


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