2018 Starts with a Bang!!

How The Mood Has Changed!!

Although only six weeks into 2018, we are noticing a distinct change for the better in the mood of the market place. Although our Workshops are constantly busy (and never more so), car sales during 2017 – of the quality that we sell –  fell back on previous years. We don`t deal in volume; we deal in quality – preferring each car sold to become a `WinSpeed Business Card` reflecting the criteria of what we consider to be very much above average examples of those found elsewhere.

By complete contrast, however, 2018 has seen an altogether different, more vibrant, mood.

Without the threat of yet another election (and the associated, corrosive, blatant lies and bickering) and at long last – MAYBE –  a slightly more focussed approach to Brexit (allied to a more attractive £Stg value) the market has woken up once more.

Classic cars are still regarded as safe havens for hard-earned savings. BUT …. buyers are far more discerning. We like that.

Quality, transparency and solid after-sales service go hand-in-hand and that results in both a happy clientele……and a relaxed supplier.

There`s an upbeat mood in the market place once more.




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