1966 E -Type S1 4.2 `barn find` Roadster. WinSpeed Restoration for 2018 (part 4)

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GREAT PROGRESS!! After only seven working weeks – from receiving the rolling, rusting, cadaver of this 1966 E-Type Roadster – the “Sow`s Ear” is fast becoming a “Silk Purse”!

Having made the monococque structurally sound in its centre section, with selective introduction of new floor panels, inner sills and reconstruction of the rear bulkhead, our attention has now been focussed on the boot area and off-side re-construction.

After careful, skilled and time-consuming, repairs to fiddly parts of the existing structure that are not normally seen, we are now in the process fitting the off-side outer sill, door and rear wing. Suddenly the car is bringing back its shape. At last, once more, she is beginning to look solid!

Also: the rear bulkhead within the boot has been reconstructed and the new boot floor is now in place.

Throughout this process the emphasis has been on retaining the car`s shape and integrity in a measured, progressive, process. Darren – our artisan fabricator and welder – has emerged from the Restoration Shop only occasionally for Beverage & Lunch breaks ……and the occasional measurement checks against our own stock of unrestored cars to confirm accuracy! Always `spot-on`!

Follow this WinSpeed E-Type Restoration as it progresses, or better still: pop round on a Saturday morning (by appointment) and view for yourselves!


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