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  • Henry Hope-Frost ……..R.I.P 8th. March 2018 It is with the greatest of sadness that we (and all his countless friends) mourn the untimely and tragic loss of Henry – a shining Star whose brilliance will linger on in the firmament. I (Peter) had known him from the age of eight when, even then, he could deliver detailed motorsporting facts forming the basis ... Read more
  • 1966 E -Type S1 4.2 `barn find` Roadster. WinSpeed Restoration for 2018 (part 4) o GREAT PROGRESS!! After only seven working weeks – from receiving the rolling, rusting, cadaver of this 1966 E-Type Roadster – the “Sow`s Ear” is fast becoming a “Silk Purse”! Having made the monococque structurally sound in its centre section, with selective introduction of new floor panels, inner sills and reconstruction of the rear ... Read more
  • 2018 Starts with a Bang!! How The Mood Has Changed!! Although only six weeks into 2018, we are noticing a distinct change for the better in the mood of the market place. Although our Workshops are constantly busy (and never more so), car sales during 2017 – of the quality that we sell –  fell back on previous years. We don`t ... Read more
  • 1966 E -Type S1 4.2 `barn find` Roadster. WinSpeed Restoration for 2018 (part 3) In the space of two weeks, since we reopened our doors on January 2nd, the E-Type restoration has moved ahead in leaps and bounds. What arrived in mid-December as a rolling `wreck` was quickly dismantled to its bare monococque shell, sent off for media blasting and phosphate coating and returned just before we closed for ... Read more
  • To All Our Customers and Clients: Happy Christmas and a Scintillating 2018! Happy Christmas and let`s look forward to a Great and Constructive 2018! We would like to thank all our loyal Customers and Clients for your unwavering support during 2017. As you know, we don`t shout our abilities to all and sundry through self-promotion and advertising. That is not our style. We prefer to let WinSpeed grow slowly ... Read more
  • We Welcome Darren Pink into The WinSpeed Family We are delighted to welcome to WinSpeed, Darren Pink, whose experience in all aspects of Classic Engineering complements that of the other members of our dedicated staff. With 25 years under his belt working on all manner of Classic Jaguars, Classic Cars in general and Sports & GT Racing with huge trackside support and Race ... Read more
  • 1966 E-Type S1 4.2 `barn find` Roadster. WinSpeed Restoration For 2018 (Part 2) In the space of two weeks we now have a bare, stripped, media-blasted bodyshell (and associated components) back in our Restoration Shop revealing The Naked Truth of this exciting restoration. The reason for moving so quickly is to ensure the immediate process of analysis and course of action for when we return to duty on ... Read more
  • 1966 E-Type S1 4.2 `barn find` Roadster. WinSpeed Restoration For 2018     We are delighted to have taken on this total restoration of a 1966 S1 4.2 Roadster on behalf of its long-term owner who acquired in 1971. It has been `laid-up` in a partly disassemble state since 1976 on a “0ne day I`ll do it” promise to himself. Now – 41 years later – he ... Read more


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