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  • 1966 E-Type S1 4.2 `barn find` Roadster. WinSpeed Restoration For 2018 (Part 2) In the space of two weeks we now have a bare, stripped, media-blasted bodyshell (and associated components) back in our Restoration Shop revealing The Naked Truth of this exciting restoration. The reason for moving so quickly is to ensure the immediate process of analysis and course of action for when we return to duty on ... Read more
  • 1966 E-Type S1 4.2 `barn find` Roadster. WinSpeed Restoration For 2018     We are delighted to have taken on this total restoration of a 1966 S1 4.2 Roadster on behalf of its long-term owner who acquired in 1971. It has been `laid-up` in a partly disassemble state since 1976 on a “0ne day I`ll do it” promise to himself. Now – 41 years later – he ... Read more
  • A Date for Your Diary: XK 70 2018 – June 9 & 10 Shelsley Walsh Nothing like planning ahead, but we take this opportunity to give an advance `heads up` that the International XK Club & E-Type Club (owned by Philip Porter) will be having a Celebratory week-end in June 2018 to mark the 70th Anniversary of the legendary, iconic and formidable XK Engine and the prime Sports-cars with which ... Read more
  • JAGUAR E-TYPES – DON`T BURN YOUR FINGERS! The UK and Continental market is awash with E-Types for sale. But please….:  CAVEAT EMPTOR!  So, too, is the market awash with sub-standard stock, cleverly prepared for sale often catching-out the unwary. At WinSpeed we are at the sharp end of the business. Our WORKSHOPS and ENGINEERS look after our customers` cars to ensure that they are provided with ... Read more
  • NEW!!!!! V12 E-Type Sports Exhaust System – Sounds Wonderful & brings the engine ALIVE! At long last we, at WinSpeed of Guildford, are delighted to be able to offer a Sports Exhaust System for V12 Series Three E-Types that REALLY WORKS! After analysing why the V12 E-Type can be so incredibly UNDERwhelming (and so many of them are)  our new stainless steel Sports Exhaust system brings the engine alive –  ... Read more
  • V12 Engined Jaguars: XJ Saloons, XJS and E-Type – Success at WinSpeed! The V12 engine – iconically associated with Jaguar above all other manufacturers (other than Ferrari!) – is both Glorious and………Problematic! It can provide both a `Magic Carpet Ride` and total disappointment! The exponential enjoyment for which it was designed to provide can be quickly dismissed by total disenchantment! At WinSpeed we pride ourselves in the the ... Read more
  • WinSpeed Welcomes Chris Hill as Workshop Manager WinSpeed is very pleased to welcome back Chris Hill – with whom we have had a long association spanning some ten years – joining our team as Workshop Manager. Bringing with him all the necessary and experience and skills required to work on Classic Jaguars, AC Cobra and Austin Healey, he also has hands-on knowledge of ... Read more
  • HURRAH!! SUCCESS …. E-Type Completed and On Schedule! After a concerted effort by our WinSpeed Team, we are pleased to broadcast the news that our 1966 Series 4.2 Roadster is now on the road, taxed and tested!! What Joy! Driving like a dream…taut and responsive…with bucket loads of beautiful torque…all driving through its original close ratio `all synchro` gearbox and a 3.331 diff, the ... Read more


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