Jaguar History

In short we, at WinSpeed Motorsport of Guildford, know almost everything there is to know about Classic Jaguar cars from 1948 to the present day and our workshops are well-able to span those 65 years.

Talk to us and our enthusiastic team about owning, driving and maintaining them and hopefully your visit to WinSpeed Motorsport will be a worthwhile, pleasant and enlightening experience.


XKs – The Start of it All

WinSpeed Motorsport Classic Jaguar XKs

WinSpeed Motorsport Classic Jaguar XKs


In all three of its guises – the Jaguar XK120, XK140 and XK150 – the Classic Jaguar XK models epitomise the classic British sports-car. Whether it`s the dramatic and spartan Open Two Seater Roadsters with their fully disappearing hoods, the ultra civilised Drophead Coupes with lined hoods and wind-up windows or the svelte and more weatherproof Fixed Head Coupes – all models tick different boxes for different people. Above all, however, Classic Jaguar XKs possess a unique blend of pre and post war characteristics giving them the ability to keep pace with modern traffic on to-day`s roads, whilst exuding classic elegance, charm and charisma.

At WinSpeed we are dedicated to Classic Jaguar XKs and have first-hand knowledge of owning them, driving them, racing them and maintaining them. Have a chat with us and hopefully we can point you in the right direction for thoroughly enjoyable ownership. Our long experience has enabled us to find solutions to weaknesses without upsetting their original charm.


E-Types – The Great 60’s Icon

WinSpeed Motorsport Classic Jaguar E-Types

WinSpeed Motorsport Classic Jaguar E-Types

It is hard to believe that in 2011 the Jaguar E-Type celebrated its 50th Birthday. The Jaguar E-Type made a huge impact upon an unsuspecting public when it was launched in 1961 and it turns heads to-day even more than ever. In Roadster and Fixed Head Coupe form – in various evolutions of power plant and styling – the E-Type was born of race-proven design and was more than a match for its haughty, lower volume and hugely expensive rivals such as Aston Martin and Ferrari. The same is true to-day and the price gap for good examples is narrowing rapidly.

At WinSpeed Motorsport we keep an eclectic stock of such cars. With so much poorly restored, maintained, or presented stock on the market to-day, we appreciate originality, good panel fit and integrity. E-Types respond well to selected upgrades the Jaguar E-Type can be used, even now, as daily transport. But….Buyers Beware! There is so much poor stock being presented in a hungry market that fingers can be very easily burned!

As with XKs, our knowledge of E-Types is extensive …we only buy good examples …and make them even better.



WinSpeed Motorsport Classic Jaguar XJS 4 Litre Convertible

The Jaguar XJS is a rising Classic. Once considered to be a bit quirky, good examples of these cars, in their 6 and 12-cylinder forms – Coupes and Convertibles – are now becoming highly sought-after. We have maintained masses of XJSs over the years – and we have owned and used them as well …on a daily basis. We know all their foibles and we know exactly where they fail and how to rectify those faults thereby instilling confidence in their owners. Their weaknesses can be expensive to resolve but their excellence and Classic Status is now, at last, being recognised.


XJ Saloons

These are great cars too. The elegant 6 & 12-cylinder XJ’s in Series One, Two or Three forms were ground-breaking. In our opinion, the XJ 12 Series Three will always remain one of the finest saloon cars ever made and early Series 1 XJ6 already have Classic Status. The same applies to the X-300s and the V8s. They represent huge value for money and offer distinctive style and elegance, whilst retaining their legendary sporting touch.

At WinSpeed Motorsport you can be assured that these future classics can be expertly maintained to the standard they required when they were new.

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